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Section 2: A word example of comparing two box and whisker plots

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This video, hosted on YOUTUBE, describes how to read a box and whisker plot.

Our following video, hosted on YOUTUBE, discusses how to compare two box and whisker plots

Comparing Box and Whisker Plots


We can use the box and whisker plots above to compare the scores of boys and girls in a test.






Lower Quartile

Upper Quartile



Comparison 1: The Boy’s Median is 11. The girl’s median is 1 more than this which suggests the girls’ have done better on average

Comparison 2: The Girls have a larger range, which suggests that (if we include the worst and best scores) then OVERALL the girls are less consistent.

HOWEVER, the girls have a smaller IQR (inter-quartile range) so this means than the MIDDLE 50% of GIRLS are more consistent than the boys middle 50% of scores.